Anxiety caused by Risperdal

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Risperdal and Anxiety

One of the most commonly reported adverse reactions that people have after taking Risperdal, which is an atypical antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders, is the development of anxiety. This is certainly surprising because treatment for generalized anxiety disorder is one of the off-label uses for which Risperdal is often used, although this is usually in conjunction with treating obsessive compulsive disorders.

High Rate of Reported Anxiety

When tested in adult individuals with schizophrenia, upwards of 16 percent of patients who take between 2 and 8 milligrams of Risperdal per day reported experiencing anxiety as a side effect. In a test of individuals with schizophrenia who were treated with 8 to 16 milligrams of Risperdal per day, 11 percent reported anxiety as a side effect of taking the drug. When Risperal was tested in children with schizophrenia, 7 percent of children treated with a 1 to 3 milligram dose of Risperdal per day reported feeling anxious, and 6 percent of children treated with a 4 to 6 milligram dose of Risperdal per day reported feeling anxious.

Anxiety is typically characterized as a nagging feeling of worry, unease, or nervousness that persists and gnaws at a person’s mind. A person with anxiety may experience a sense of dread about the unknown or have intense fears about the uncertainty of the future. Anxiety can cause a person to lose sleep, suffer fits of compulsion, or can trigger panic attacks.

Compounding Impact of Other Risperdal Side Effects and Anxiety

While anxiety is usually a side effect of taking Risperdal that can be managed or coped with, either by taking additional medications or practicing anxiety-reducing techniques, anxiety can take a toll on a person’s life. Other side effects of taking Risperdal can further exacerbate the anxiety symptom a person taking Risperdal experiences, such as the development of enlarged breast tissue or weight gain.

It is important to understand that you can file a Risperdal lawsuit if you have been harmed by this drug. A Risperdal attorney is standing by today to help you understand your rights to recover compensation for any damages you have suffered.

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