Insomnia caused by Risperdal

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Risperdal and Insomnia

Generally atypical antipsychotic drugs, such as Risperdal, cause less sedation than conventional antipsychotics, but an unintended consequence of this is that some people who are taking Risperdal experience sleep disturbances like insomnia, which involves difficulties either falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking early.

Insomnia exists in two categories: primary insomnia and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia exists when an individual has trouble sleeping but the insomnia is not related to any other health condition. Secondary insomnia is a byproduct of some other medical condition or is linked to taking a medication, which is causing the sleep disorders. Insomnia caused by taking Risperdal is categorized as secondary insomnia.

Lack Of Sleep Leads to Other Problems

Insomnia means that a person is not getting enough restful sleep, which over time can wear the person down. People with insomnia tend to grow more irritable as their sleep difficulties carry on, and they can develop depression or anxiety due to their lack of sleep. People suffering from insomnia also have a hard time focusing during the day and have difficulties being productive, which can impact their lives, work, and families. Lack of sleep can also further exacerbate symptoms of underlying psychiatric conditions that the individual might have.

Risperdal Can Make It Harder To Sleep

People with schizophrenia already have difficulties dealing with sleep disturbances as part of their condition. Specifically, schizophrenics have different sleep processes than individuals who do not have a psychiatric condition. For instance, people with schizophrenia suffer from a higher number of arousals during sleep and increased periods of wakefulness after the onset of sleep compared to people that do not have a psychiatric condition. While giving these individuals Risperdal to help manage their symptoms is a good thing, the drug can cause them to lose what little sleep they were able to get prior to treatment with Risperdal.

What time of day Risperdal is taken by an individual suffering from insomnia does not appear to be a factor. Taking Risperdal in the morning verses right before bedtime does not contribute to whether a person suffers the side effect of insomnia. Each dosing time has been found to produce the same difficulties with sleeping.

If you are experiencing negative Risperdal side effects, don’t hesitate to initiate a Risperdal lawsuit. An experienced Risperdal lawyer can help you with your case. Be warned, however, that the statute of limitations provides you only a few years within which you can file a claim. As such, contacting a Risperdal attorney today is important for your success.

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